Boca Sucia invited by the University to participate in workshops in women’s prisons.

We’re currently in constant contact with psychologist Irma Colanzi and colleagues, preparing for the presentation of their book “El Sol Detras de esta Oscuridad: Narrativas de mujeres privadas de su libertad” (The sun behind this darkness: narratives of women deprived of their freedom), which is a register and analysis of their work behind prison walls working within women, using narrative focused educational literary workshops with emancipatory perspectives.

We have been invited to create an introductory intervention on the day of the launch, 11th of August, with views to having an ongoing presence within the workshops. The work we will be doing will be contextualized in re-readings of representations of the body under the general concept, “bodies that matter”.

We have been working alongside the workshop leaders up to this point, as well as other professionals giving sensitivity trainings, with great feminist artists such as Diana Feinstein who leads psychodrama groups exploring dynamics that arise in the space.



Boca Sucia in the Recoleta Cultural Center with XXX Collective.

The XXX collective who had a residency in the Recoleta Cultural Center in Buenos Aires City, invited us to take part in their events calendar, as part of the multiple interventions they organized during their time in the Center of Recoleta. Their idea is to question the social function of the museum and to stretch the possible limits with creativity.

XXX artists participating in the intervention:


Some of XXX’s art space interventions: